Pottstown Borough, Senator Bob Mensch, and Pottstown School District Hold Joint Press Event

Harrisburg – Today the Borough of Pottstown, Senator Bob Mensch (R-Berks, Bucks, Montgomery), and Pottstown School District held a joint press event at Rupert Elementary this morning to formally announce the Borough receiving $300,000 in federal funds for a comprehensive walking and bicycling network enabling 3,000 students to walk or bicycle safely to school.  The project will also allow adults of all ages to walk or bike leisurely between neighboring municipalities.

“The Borough is proud to be a partner with the Pottstown School District as we plan for a sustainable Pottstown – a Pottstown that not only is prosperous today – but a Pottstown that takes steps to insure this benefit is perpetuated for future generations,” said Pottstown Borough Manager Mark Flanders.

The speakers included:

Mr. Mark Flanders, Pottstown Borough Manager

State Senator Bob Mensch

Dr. Jeffrey Sparagana, Superintendent of Pottstown School District

Mr. Stephen Toroney, Pottstown Borough Council President

“Pottstown Borough is rapidly growing economically and is constantly attracting new businesses and tourists,” said Senator Mensch.  “The Borough and Pottstown School District are making every effort to encourage residents and students to utilize bicycles or walk to their destinations within the Borough.”

The speakers emphasized that the project will enhance the safety of students who choose to walk and bicycle to school.  “Safety is a top priority for our children and this project will continue to protect our children while also promoting exercise, healthy living, and healthy habits,” said Mensch.

“We are pleased with this opportunity to work in partnership with the Borough on a project that will set Pottstown apart as a demonstration community for the commonwealth,” said Dr. Jeffrey Sparagana.  “One goal is to promote and sustain the concept of a safe walk able and bike able community which invites all stakeholders to incorporate regular physical activity into their daily routine or lifestyle.”

The project is one of fifty-six across the state of Pennsylvania to receive funds in order to enhance transportation alternatives.  Combined with awards from the new state Multimodal Fund, the state Transportation Infrastructure Investment fund, and the federal Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Program, otherwise known as MAP-21, the door has been opened even further for a wide variety of improvements for the citizens of Pennsylvania.  The Map-21 program funds transportation alternative projects that enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to public transportation, create safe routes to school, preserve historic transportation structures, provide environmental mitigation, create trails that serve a transportation purpose, and promote safety and mobility.

PennDOT evaluated the applications and made selections based on criteria such as safety benefits, reasonableness of cost, readiness for implementation, statewide or regional significance, integration of land use and transportation decision making, collaboration with stakeholders, and leverage of other projects or funding.

More information on Senator Mensch can be found by visiting his website at www.senatormensch.com.  Senator Mensch also provides state related updates on his Facebook and Twitter.


Sarah Stroman – Office of State Senator Bob Mensch, sstroman@pasen.gov, 215-541-2388