Senator Mensch: Wolf Administration’s Unfair Disbursement of Education Funds Hurts All 24th School Districts

Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) condemned Governor Wolf’s calculated, unfair, and unconstitutional disbursement of education funds to school districts across Pennsylvania.  As a result of the Governor’s actions, school districts in the 24th Senatorial District will not receive approximately $1.7 million in funding.

Governor Wolf vetoed the 2015-16 fiscal code which identifies how the funds in the budget bill will be distributed.  Since the Governor’s veto, he has chosen which schools should receive funding, rather than following the bi-partisan Basic Education Funding Formula (BEFF) which is provided in order to ensure equal and fair distribution of state education funding across Pennsylvania.  In addition, his actions have deprived the state of an additional $435 million in additional federal funds for education

“He deliberately chose not to follow the fair education funding formula,” said Mensch.  “As a result, every single school district in the 24th senatorial district is not receiving the funds that had been allocated by the legislature.  This is yet another shameful gimmick by the administration which causes financial concern for schools, students, and parents.”
According to figures from the Appropriations Committee, the school districts in Senator Mensch’s district will receive the following funding amounts per the Wolf Administration:

School District 14-15 Funding Basic Education Funding (BEF) $Increase % Increase BEF Wolf Administration Funding Wolf Funding vs. BEF Funding
Boyertown Area SD $14,666,795 $485,985 3.3% $216,904 -55%
Brandywine Heights Area SD $4,096,496 $113,671 2.8% $42,437 -62%
Oley Valley SD $3,876,121 $102,462 2.6% $77,444 -24%
Palisades SD $2,890,539 $91,901 3.2% $41,365 -54%
Quakertown Community SD $9,488,575 $443,097 4.7% $171,459 -61%
North Penn SD $9,401,847 $544,555 5.8% $141,091 -74%
Perkiomen Valley SD $6,196,915 $333,932 5.4% $97,293 -71%
Pottsgrove SD $8,007,962 $264,064 3.3% $141,949 -46%
Pottstown SD $9,717,333 $581,540 6.0% $421,718 -27%
Souderton Area SD $9,060,834 $406,943 4.5% $302,296 -26%
Upper Perkiomen SD $8,619,150 $232,514 2.7% $152,808 -34%

The administration has chosen to send a majority of the education funds to three school districts: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Chester Upland school districts.  Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Chester Upland will receive $98.6 million in additional funding. 428 of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts will receive less money for educating Pennsylvania children, receiving a combined total of only $101.4 million more.
“The General Assembly passed legislation that increased education funding statewide,” said Mensch. “We honored our commitment to education and we held up our promise to deliver more funds to education.  We delivered a bill and a fiscal code that fulfilled our promise. The Governor has not. Instead he has again chose to hold children and schools hostage across Pennsylvania, with the exception of his chosen few.  He continues to use his strategy of withholding state funds that the legislature agreed to.”
More information is available on Senator Mensch’s website,, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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