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Judiciary Budget Hearing

February 23, 2016
  During the Judiciary Budget hearing, Senator Mensch asked about the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts as well as elder abuse.   [Read More]

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Independent Fiscal Office Hearing

February 22, 2016
During the Independent Fiscal Office's budget hearing, Senator Mensch asked Director Matthew Knittel about the proposed personal income tax increase and its potential impact given his facts and figures on PA's changing demographic change and diminishing collective wealth.     [Read More]

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Governor’s Budget Office Budget Hearing

February 22, 2016
Senator Mensch questions PA Budget Secretary Albright about funding for seniors with declining lottery revenues.     [Read More]

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Governor’s Budget Office Budget Hearing

February 22, 2016
Senator Mensch questions PA Budget Secretary Albright about the false $1 billion cut to education claim, personal income tax proposal and more.     [Read More]

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Senator Bob Mensch Reacts to Governor Wolf’s Budget Address

February 09, 2016
Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) expressed grave concern over Governor Wolf’s remarks and budget proposal. Listen     [Read More]

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Mensch Discusses State Borrowing with Treasury Official

February 08, 2016
During a joint hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee on the implementation of the General Appropriation Act 10-A of 2015, Senator Mensch questions Christopher Craig, Esq., Chief Counsel, PA State Treasury.     [Read More]

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Senator Bob Mensch hosted the Guest Chaplain of the Senate, Dr. Brad Mellon

January 27, 2016
Watch Dr. Mellon’s prayer and Senator Mensch’s introduction of the chaplain and his wife     [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Discusses State Budget and Senate Agenda on PCN Call-In Show

January 20, 2016
Senator Mensch participated in PCN’s Call-In Program on January 19, 2016 to discuss the PA Budget and Senate agenda.     [Read More]

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Senate Approves 2015-16 Spending Plan Without Massive Tax Increases

December 08, 2015
  Senator Mensch comments on the budget passed by the Senate that includes cost-cutting reform and historic funding for education without the need for the massive tax increases originally proposed by Governor Wolf.   [Read More]

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Senate Bill 842 – Breast Cancer Screenings

November 19, 2015
  Senator Mensch gave opening remarks to the public hearing with the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on his SB 842 which provides breast cancer screening coverage.   [Read More]

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Carnes Family

November 19, 2015
  Senator Mensch hosted Lori Carnes and her husband Lonnie Carnes as guests of the Senate. The Carnes were joined by their daughter Kellie Miller and their grandsons Kollin Miller and Trenton Abare.   [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Holds 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Breakfast

November 09, 2015
Senator Bob Mensch (R-Berks, Bucks, Montgomery) hosted his 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Breakfast on Saturday, November 7th at the Upper Perkiomen High School located on 2 Walt Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073.     [Read More]

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Budget Impasse Update

October 28, 2015
Senator Mensch talks about an effort by Senate Republicans to override Governor Wolf’s veto of an emergency budget passed last month by the General Assembly.     [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Kicks Off Community College Completion Week At Press Conference

October 19, 2015
Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) joined the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in a press conference today recognizing Pennsylvania's first annual PA Community College Completion Challenge (PAC4).   [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Introduces Resolution Establishing Pennsylvania Community College Completion Week

October 14, 2015
Senator Bob Mensch (R-24), co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Community College Caucus, introduced a resolution recognizing the first annual Pennsylvania Community College Completion Challenge (PAC4) Week for the week of October 19-23.   [Read More]

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Reverend McKinley

September 30, 2015
Senator Mensch enjoyed the opportunity to introduce Reverend McKinley from the Central Schwenkfelder’s church in Lansdale to the Senate today. Rev McKinley served as the guest chaplain of the Senate and was joined by Bryce Simon and Sam Beatrice, both seminarians, and Drew Bundshuh.   [Read More]

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Mensch Votes to Release $11.2 Billion in Withheld Payments to Schools, Critical Funding for Social Service Agencies

September 18, 2015
Working to provide financial relief to school districts and social service agencies impacted by the prolonged budget impasse, state Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) today voted for a three-bill “stop-gap” budget package, which was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.   [Read More]

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Budget Impasse

September 17, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the budget impasse and Senate Republicans’ efforts to pass a stopgap funding measure.   [Read More]

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North Penn Knights baseball team

July 15, 2015
Senator Mensch introduced the North Penn Knights baseball team alongside Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf on the Senate Floor.   [Read More]