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Reverend McKinley

September 30, 2015
Senator Mensch enjoyed the opportunity to introduce Reverend McKinley from the Central Schwenkfelder’s church in Lansdale to the Senate today. Rev McKinley served as the guest chaplain of the Senate and was joined by Bryce Simon and Sam Beatrice, both seminarians, and Drew Bundshuh.   [Read More]

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Mensch Votes to Release $11.2 Billion in Withheld Payments to Schools, Critical Funding for Social Service Agencies

September 18, 2015
Working to provide financial relief to school districts and social service agencies impacted by the prolonged budget impasse, state Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) today voted for a three-bill “stop-gap” budget package, which was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.   [Read More]

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Budget Impasse

September 17, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the budget impasse and Senate Republicans’ efforts to pass a stopgap funding measure.   [Read More]

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North Penn Knights baseball team

July 15, 2015
Senator Mensch introduced the North Penn Knights baseball team alongside Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf on the Senate Floor.   [Read More]

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Mensch: Senate Passes No-Tax-Increase Budget that Boosts Education Funding

June 30, 2015
The state Senate today passed a 2015-16 state budget that significantly increases education funding without raising taxes, said Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), who supported the spending plan.   [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Discusses State Budget on PCN Call-In Show

June 22, 2015
Senator Mensch joins Senator Judy Schwank on a PCN Call-In show to discuss the state budget.   [Read More]

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June 2015 – Colebrookdale Railroad

May 28, 2015
Colebrookdale Railroad   [Read More]

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911 funding issues

May 26, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses 911 funding issues and proposed solutions during a Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee Hearing.   [Read More]

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Senate Leaders Applaud Passage of Sweeping Pension Restructuring Plan Projected to Save $18.3 Billion

May 14, 2015
A significant plan to reform Pennsylvania’s costly state pension systems was approved today by the Senate by a vote of 28 to 19, according to Senate Republican Leaders.   [Read More]

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Legislative Update on Life Sciences in the Commonwealth

April 07, 2015
Economy, Business and Jobs Caucus - April 13, 2015   [Read More]

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PEMA Budget Hearing

April 01, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the urgent need to update the funding mechanism for Pennsylvania’s county 911 centers.   [Read More]

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Department of Banking and Securities Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the impact of federal Dodd-Frank banking regulations, bank stress tests in a slowing global economy, and the department’s efforts to inform citizens about financial scams.   [Read More]

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Department of Labor and Industry Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the need to expand the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN), promotes the concept of training workers “in place” to avert unemployment, and asked the department to see what can be done for sole proprietor businesses that pay into unemployment compensation but never collect.   [Read More]

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Department of Education Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015
Senator Mensch notes the proposed budget does nothing to address causes of skyrocketing education costs, pensions, and questions the constitutionality of the Governor’s proposed property tax reduction plan.   [Read More]

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Department of Health

March 23, 2015
Senator Mensch questions Secretary of Health, Dr. Karen Murphy and Physician General, Dr. Rachel Levine.   [Read More]

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State Employees Retirement System Budget Hearing

March 23, 2015
Senator Mensch questions board members from the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) and the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS).   [Read More]

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Attorney General Budget Hearing

March 17, 2015
Senator Mensch discusses the need to update the Older Adult Protective Services Act to combat financial fraud against older Pennsylvanians, and asks the Attorney General about the ongoing problem of drug gangs from Mexico operating in Pennsylvania.   [Read More]

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Senator Mensch questions Budget Secretary Randy Albright

March 16, 2015
Senator Mensch questions Budget Secretary Randy Albright about the Administration’s proposed tax increases compared to the previous record increase in 1991, and the need for property tax relief.   [Read More]

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Department of General Services Budget Hearing

March 16, 2015
Senator Bob Mensch questions Curt Topper, Secretary of General Services.   [Read More]

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Mensch Reacts to Governor’s Budget Proposal

March 04, 2015
Senator Mensch, along with many Senate colleagues, expressed concern over the significant burdens associated with the Governor Wolf’s budget plan. Pennsylvania does not need, nor can its citizens support the enormous tax increases on Pennsylvania families and employers.Listen   [Read More]