Senator Mensch Meets with Prostate Cancer Task Force Member

Dr Angelo Baccala and Senator Bob Mensch

Dr Angelo Baccala and Senator Bob Mensch

Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) recently toured the Lehigh Valley Physician Group’s (LVPG) Urology department and met with Chief of Urology, Dr. Angelo Baccala, MD.  Dr. Baccala was recommended by Senator Mensch to sit on the Prostate Cancer Task Force which was formed due to legislation previously introduced by Senator Mensch.

Senator Mensch’s (R-24) legislation, Act 66 of 2015, directed the Department of Health (DOH) to establish a task force for the purpose of investigating, raising awareness and making recommendations concerning prostate cancer and related prostate cancer conditions.

Dr. Angelo Baccala

Senator Bob Mensch and Dr Angelo Baccala

“The intent of the task force is to provide the public with information and education to create greater public awareness of the prevalence of and measures available to detect, diagnose and treat prostate cancer and related chronic prostate conditions,” said Mensch. The task force is also intended to ensure that:

  • Medical professionals, insurers, patients and governmental agencies are equally knowledgeable about screening, diagnosis and treatment options;
  • Medical professionals provide patients have sufficient information about treatment options to enable patients to make an informed choice as part of informed consent and to respect the autonomy of choice; and
  • Pennsylvania government agencies provide unbiased information regarding multiple standards of care.

Dr. Angelo Baccala is one of four physicians to serve on the task force that have knowledge concerning treatment of prostate cancer and related chronic prostate conditions.  “Dr. Baccala will be a great asset to the Pennsylvania Prostate Cancer Task Force,” said Mensch.  “It was a privilege to tour LVPG Urology and discuss the different types of treatments available for those battling prostate cancer and other related chronic conditions.”

Dr Angelo Baccala and Senator Bob Mensch

Dr Angelo Baccala and Senator Bob Mensch


Lehigh Valley Physician Group’s (LVPG) Urology Department

The task force will be required to issue a report with recommendations to the Secretary of Health within one year of their first meeting. The recommendations will be transmitted to the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee and the House Health Committee.

More information is available on Senator Mensch’s website,, on Facebook, and Twitter.

CONTACT: Sarah Rasmussen  (215) 541-2388