Senator Mensch Responds to Governor Wolf’s Fiscal Code Veto

Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) responded to Governor Wolf’s veto of the fiscal code and called it another spiteful attempt to create an unnecessary crisis for Pennsylvania schools and taxpayers.

The state’s budget (HB1801) went into effect at midnight Sunday after the Governor chose not to veto or sign the bill. However, the Governor vetoed the state’s fiscal code, which serves as the instruction manual for how the money in the budget is to be distributed. The fiscal code passed both the Senate and House with a bipartisan vote.

“The Governor failed to sign any of the four budgets sent to him over the course of 9 months,” said Mensch. “After he finally decided to let HB 1801 become law without his signature, he decided to play political games again and cut $439 million from schools.  It is despicable that he wants to continue holding schools, students, and families as hostages and as leverage for his unwarranted tax increases.”

A $150 million increase in basic education funding cannot be distributed due to the Governor’s veto of the fiscal code.  In addition, $289 million in school construction reimbursements that were originally cut by Governor Wolf on December 29 cannot be restored
“I, along with my colleagues, have been relentlessly trying to release funding to our schools and vital state and local programs,” said Mensch.  “The Governor continuously claims that he wants more funding for education yet he is intentionally and maliciously blocking the increased funding that school districts need.”

The Senate will return to Harrisburg on April 4, 2016.  The plan is to continue addressing the impact of the fiscal code veto as well as working towards the 2016-17 budget.

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