Senator Mensch Recognizes Local Ambulance Organization on Receiving PEMA Grant

Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) announced today that Upper Perkiomen Valley Ambulance Association (UPVAA) received $750,000 from a grant program administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association (PEMA).

UPVAA is a 501(3)c not for profit organization that provides emergency medical service to approximately 16,000 people in a 25 square mile service area between Montgomery and Lehigh Counties.  UPVAA has been established since 1946.
“Emergency responders act selflessly on an everyday basis and it is important that we recognize their contributions to society and their relentless dedication to keeping our communities safe,” said Mensch.  “This funding will help Upper Perkiomen Ambulance take the necessary steps to improve their dated equipment and enhance their ability to provide the utmost care to constituents in their service area.”

UPVAA has stated that the funding will be helpful in several ways, including:

  • Replacement of a 10 year old, 2007 Ford E-450 Ambulance with 120,000 miles and a 10 year old 2007 Ford E-450 Ambulance with 118,000 miles, both with outstanding engine issues.  The new ambulances will allow for more reliable transportation in inclement weather be beneficial to the UPVAA, which is 15 miles away from the nearest trauma center, and
  • Replace three (3) 15 year old Medtronic model 12 heart monitors at the end of their service life with new units that include a 3 year maintenance agreement.
  • Provide UPVAA with capabilities to transmit data while traveling to hospital/trauma center by utilizing new monitors.  This will help enable destination to be more prepared to treat incoming patient.
  • Replace all ambulance litters with modern, 3 point locking litters and motorized lifts to allow for increased patient safety and reduce worker compensation claims.
  • Provide UPVAA with a generator at their station which will provide ability to treat 100-120 persons in the event of a disaster.  This will help make UPVAA one of the most qualified and largest care centers in the service area.

Ed Buchinski, Treasurer of UPVAA, expressed how beneficial this funding will be for UPVAA and the residents in their service area. “This funding allows us to replace our outdated equipment, address our debt substantially and improve communications with our trauma centers.”

“I am extremely appreciative and humbled by the noble services provided by the every single essential emergency responder organization in the 24th Senatorial District and the state,” said Mensch.  “This is the beginning of a better future for UPVAA and the residents in their service area.”

CONTACT: Sarah Rasmussen  (215) 541-2388