Senate Passes Senator Mensch’s Budget Reform Legislation



Harrisburg –  The Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 1341, sponsored by Senator Bob Mensch (R-24), which would help eliminate wasteful government spending in Pennsylvania.

SB 1341, also known as Performance Based Budgeting, seeks to streamline and justify discretionary and state government spending by requiring departments and agencies to justify their budget requests for all existing, as well as proposed programs, for each fiscal year. This would allow the legislature and the Governor to properly budget for Pennsylvania state agencies. Specifically, the bill would create a performance-based budget board to review the performance-based budget plans of Pennsylvania agencies and make recommendations on how each agency’s programs may be made more efficient.

“We need to be more objective about our government spending,” said Mensch.  “Our spending is increasing but our revenue is uncertain.  SB 1341 is a necessary tool that our taxpayers deserve. We have an obligation to our taxpayers to account for all state funding down to the penny and decide which expenditures are necessary and which are not.”
The Senate Appropriations and Policy Committees recently held a joint hearing on SB 1341.  The hearing included national, state and local experts, along with representatives from the Independent Fiscal Office and the Governor’s Budget Office.  The testifiers presented their experiences with performance measures and how performance management can aid in decision making. To watch the full joint Senate Hearing, visit
“Performance Based Budgeting will give us an objective, transparent, and effective approach to Pennsylvania’s budgetary needs,” said Mensch.  “I look forward to continuing the conversation on how to streamline our spending.”
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