Routinely I hear from you, my constituents, concerning issues of the day.  I welcome these communiques as they contribute to my overall understanding of the communal attitude on each issue.  I truly attempt to prioritize your thoughts and comments; and I do look for the majority opinion on each issue—that’s what representative government is about.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve had a number of discussions regarding the civil unrest occurring across our nation.  Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a younger individual with a growing family who discussed the importance and relevance of public service in her family’s life, and how the actions of a police department helped keep her family safe from harm in a threatening situation. This conversation is very similar to ones I’ve had many times before.  Certainly, in my experience it represents the majority view; and it underlines the importance of our public services including fire, EMS, police, and more within our communities. 

The value of these services is critical and necessary for our communities to exist and grow. When you pick up the phone and call 911 there is an expectation that those services will be readily provided to you. For example, our police departments regularly provide safety and security not only to residents, but to our fire, EMS, and etc. when responding to calls. Our communities are further enriched and prosper from these services and we inherently rely on them. It is only once someone needs these services, that we truly realize our reliance and need for these services that our governments provide. It is imperative that we recognize and appreciate the individuals that selflessly dedicate their time and safety to helping others or our other resources.

It is important that we always strive to improve our communities, and ensure the services provided are the best, most efficient, and keep us proud of our dedicated public servants.  We must strive to improve, remain self-aware, and support the individuals and organizations who by their personal, professional choice keep themselves available to us when we need them. I truly appreciate and thank all of the public servants that help keep our communities safe, functioning, and united!


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