Senator Mensch’s Harrisburg Highlights

Dear Friends,

Below are some important Harrisburg updates that may be helpful to you.

It was a busy, although short, week in Harrisburg as the Senate was in session on Tuesday and Wednesday.  While two days is shorter than normal, it certainly wasn’t any less productive with an agenda full of important legislation.

Most notably, the Senate passed two key pieces of legislation which have been serious topics of concern among my constituents; one related to school sports and one related to checks and balances in forming interstate compacts.  Both of which will now head to the Governor’s desk.

First, House Bill 2787 passed the Senate by a vote of 39-11 after passing the House 155-47 last week.  This would allow local school districts sole authority over sporting event participants and spectators, and not make them subject to the Governor’s orders related to limits on gatherings.  Many schools have facilities that fully allow for limited seating while still adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines, and believe this is an important local decision.  The Governor has threatened to veto this bill, as he sees it as another attempt to usurp his sole authority during the pandemic.

Next, House Bill 2025 would require legislative input and approval of any interstate compact which seeks to regulate power generation and carbon emissions.  While opponents of this bill purport that this legislation would prohibit Pennsylvania from curtailing carbon emissions and promoting environmental health, all it does is give the legislature a seat at the table for any formation of an interstate compact.  Pennsylvania is a member of a number of such compacts, such as the Susquehanna River Basin Commission and the Chesapeake Bay Commission, all of which were formed by an act of the legislature, and not under the sole discretion of the Governor.

Additionally, revisions to the State Election Code were passed from the State Government Committee in an attempt to sure up voter access and confidence before the November election.  The bill did not receive a vote on the floor, however negotiations and revisions will be considered over the next two weeks before the Senate returns to session.

Other important votes in the Senate this week:

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