Senate Approves Key Health Care Accessibility Measures

HARRISBURG – The state Senate approved two measures this week to boost the availability of health care services and coverage throughout Pennsylvania, according to Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) who authored one of the bills, and supported both. 

Senate Bill 890, Senator Mensch’s bill, would ensure employees with disabilities can continue to work without the risk of losing access to health care benefits. The bill would create a new category of Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities specifically for workers who are succeeding in the workplace and at risk of losing medical benefits.

Under the bill, employees who fall into this category based on their success on the job could continue to purchase Medical Assistance benefits based on a percentage of their monthly income. Should the employee lose eligibility in the job success category, their assets developed during that time will not be counted in their determination for the MAWD program.

Watch Senator Mensch’s floor remarks here.

Senate Bill 1268 would open new opportunities for Pennsylvanians to continue a career in the medical field by allowing temporary nurse aides hired during the COVID-19 emergency declaration to receive certification to continue working. The legislation would amend existing law to deem temporary nurse aides hired during the COVID-19 emergency declaration to have satisfied the necessary training and testing requirements to be certified to work as a nurse aide on a permanent basis.

Without this legislation, nurse aides hired on a temporary basis will no longer be able to work as nurse aides when the pandemic emergency provisions expire.

Both bills were sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

For more information on Senator Mensch’s legislation, visit  State updates can also be found on Senator Mensch’s Facebook at or Twitter @SenatorMensch.

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