Senator Mensch Attends “We Are You” Book Launch Dedicated to All First Responders

HARRISBURG – On Saturday (October 17) State Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) attended the “We Are You” Book Launch, which was dedicated to all first responders. The event also included a salute to Dr. Frank E. Boston.

Community members kick-offed off the event to recognize the book launch and to rediscover the life of Dr. Frank E. Boston, founder of Lansdale Hospital and VMSC Ambulance corps, by reading the “We Are You” book dedication at the Dr. Boston monument located at the corner of the First Baptist Church – Lansdale and acknowledging all first responders.

A special appearance was also made by the first four responders profiled in the book. Dr. Francis Jeyaraj, a Lansdale Hospital pediatrician from Malaysia; Lyn Javier, a cardiac nurse at Temple Hospital from the Philippines; Dr. Gabriel Bikah, an immunologist at Merck from Gabon; and Bins Thomas, a Montgomery Township Police Officer from India, who all who were involved in the fight against pandemics.

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