Senator Bob Mensch Endorses Plan to Address Election Concerns, Restore Confidence in Voting System

HARRISBURG – State Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) strongly supported the plan to restore confidence in the state’s election system by providing oversight and beginning the process of making meaningful reforms.

“There are very legitimate and credible issues which need to be resolved after the 2020 election about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes,” Senator Mensch said. “I will stand up and fight so that the voice of the people is heard, and that the rule of law is held to the highest possible standard. Pennsylvanians deserve confidence in their elections and in the government chosen by those elections.”

The General Assembly will use its statutory power to investigate and seek answers to the questions presented by the 2020 General Election to specifically review three of the most pressing issues the Senate has found over the last three weeks of investigation:

  1. The security of voting and manner in which votes are counted.
  2. The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s management of the 2020 General Election.
  3. The impact of the Judiciary on the 2020 General Election and subsequent legal candidate challenges.

In a statement released today, Senate and House leaders outlined why it is impossible under the Pennsylvania Constitution for the General Assembly to convene a December session. They also highlighted the reasons why immediate legislative action to change the state’s slate of electors would have ignored state statutes and the Constitutional principles that Senate and House Republicans have fought so hard to protect.

The full statement from Senate and House Republican Leadership is available here.

For more information on Senator Mensch’s legislation, visit  State updates can also be found on Senator Mensch’s Facebook at or Twitter @SenatorMensch.

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