45th District General Election

HARRISBURG – America has always been a nation of laws. Rule of law is paramount for a Constitutional Republic to survive. Thus, on Tuesday, January 5, the PA Senate took the extraordinary step of refusing to seat a member, due to voting irregularities.

On March 27, 2020, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 422 into law as Act 77, which specifies that mail-in ballots must include both a signature and date signed. In her guidance to counties, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar reinforced these two stipulations of the law.

Following the election, in both Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, unsigned/undated ballots were set aside and not counted, per Act 77. After the vote tallies were completed, the challenger was ahead. 

On November 10, Allegheny decided to count the unsigned/undated ballots, which then put the incumbent ahead. Immediately thereafter, Secretary Boockvar rushed to certify the vote for the incumbent, in violation of Act 77 as well as her own election guidance to the counties.

As of January, 5, the issue of each county using separate “rules” to count the votes was undecided, and it was not appropriate to seat the incumbent, who Secretary Boockvar had inappropriately certified the winner. 

We cannot have a representative government when, in the light of day, a county’s election board and the Secretary of State flout state law and make up their own rules. Their actions are a clear violation of Pennsylvania’s election law.

Further, on Wednesday, January 6, Secretary Boockvar announced at a press conference the counties can do what they want – a further demonstration of her ineptitude and the flouting of state law. She’s totally wrong. There are 67 counties in the state but only one election law, as provided in the PA Constitution, Article VII, Section 6. It is incumbent on each county to abide the state’s laws. Secretary Boockvar has proven again how unqualified she is for the position, and she should resign immediately!

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