Senator Mensch’s Harrisburg Highlights

Dear Friends,

Below are some important Harrisburg updates that may be helpful to you.

This week was relatively quiet in Harrisburg, as neither Chamber was in session.  While there were no votes on legislation, there was two important hearings, one in each chamber, held during the week surrounding some noteworthy topics.

Before discussing the hearings, I want to take a second to remember another great legislator that we lost this week. Senator Stewart Greenleaf was ethical and sincere. Although he had already retired, he will be missed.

As the Chairman of the Community College Caucus in the Senate, higher education is always something that I’m keeping tabs on, and working to try and make a robust system for all Pennsylvanians.  This week, the Senate Appropriations and Education Committees held a joint hearing on the progress of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, or PASSHE, reorganization plan.  Last session, legislation was passed which authorized PASSHE to take a hard look at their system and put forth a plan for growth, sustainability, and above all, a quality education.  You can watch the full hearing here, and my questions to PASSHE Chancellor Dan Greenstein here.

Secondly, the House State Government Committee held another hearing in their series of hearings regarding elections.  The hearings aren’t disputing the results of the 2020 election, but are simply gathering information on the process.  It’s safe to say that members of both parties and independents feel that the process of elections could improve, and the hearings try to get to that point.  You can watch the hearing here.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 215-541-2388.

Senator Bob Mensch

24th Senatorial District