Senator Mensch Announces Legislation to Enhance the Basic Education Funding Formula

HARRISBURG – Today Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) circulated a co-sponsorship memo on a piece of legislation that he is sponsoring that would ensure more state funding is run through the Basic Education Funding Formula.

“While many legislators, myself included, patted ourselves on the back for the passage of the new basic education funding formula a few years back, it didn’t take long to realize that a portion of the law to distribute the funding was having some undesired effects when it came to appropriating education dollars,” Mensch said.

Known as the ‘hold harmless’ provision, the law starts the allocation with the amount received by the school district for the 2013-14 school year before remaining funds can be distributed through the formula, which was adopted in a bi-partisan manner. While the formula takes necessary demographic information into account, the ‘hold harmless’ provision prevents an exceptional amount from going where the formula says it should be distributed.

 This legislation does not repeal ‘hold harmless,’ but instead, will state that any amount which a school district has in reserves – which is in excess of 10% of budgeted expenditures – will be subtracted from the ‘hold harmless’ amount. Therefore, the allocation will begin to funnel money more accurately through the Basic Education Funding Formula. This will still allow school districts to have adequate reserves while simultaneously boosting the effects of the Basic Education Funding Formula.

For more information on Senator Mensch’s legislation, visit  State updates can also be found on Senator Mensch’s Facebook at or Twitter @SenatorMensch.


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