Harrisburg Highlights- Week of September 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

This week, both the House and Senate were again session in Harrisburg.  This week was marked by taking an important step to keep our Healthcare system working smoothly through regulatory waivers and also saw the members of the General Assembly take part in the Annual Capitol All-Stars Softball Game.

First, a bill sponsored by Senator John Gordner and myself, Senate Bill 525, passed the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.  This bill, known as Growing Greener III, would protect Pennsylvania’s water, land, forests and other natural resources; stimulate economic growth in our communities, and improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.  This bill follows the two previous versions, Growing Greener and Growing Greener II to invest in our natural resources to strengthens our local, regional and state economics and support thousands of jobs.

As I mentioned above, the House and Senate worked quickly this week to pass House Bill 1861, which included the extension of a variety of regulatory and statutory waivers which are essential in the continued combat against the COVID-19 pandemic.  The waivers, which include regulations issued by the Departments of Health, Human Services, Revenue, the Department of Labor & Industry and others, extends these until March 31, 2022.

Other bills passed in the Senate:

  • House Bill 1774 (Flood)
    • Extends the sunset for the sharing of information by the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
  • Senate Bill 397 & 398 (Pittman)
    • Physician Assistants Modernization of Practice
  • Senate Bill 725 (Bartolotta)
    • Exemption for Farmers from CDL Requirements
  • Senate Bill 736 (Langerholc)
    • Streamlining the Home Delivery of Agricultural Products
  • Senate Bill 738 (Phillips-Hill)
    • Constitutional Amendment Accountability Act


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