Senator Mensch Votes to Approve Recommendations for Special Education Funding in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG – The Special Education Funding Commission, originally authorized by Act 3 of 2013, issued their report this week during a meeting in Harrisburg.  The Commission was established to develop a special education formula and identify factors that may be used to determine the distribution of a change in special education funding among the school districts in Pennsylvania.

“Being a member of this Commission allowed me to be part of the process to study and reevaluate how we distribute special education dollars throughout the Commonwealth,” said Mensch.  “Our students, parents and educators owe it to us to be attentive to the changing climate of special education needs and to make necessary changes when needed.”

The Commission, consisting of elected officials and members of the Wolf Administration, was initially convened in 2019 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. They held five hearings and received testimony from dozens of experts and advocates in order to form their recommendations.  

Recommendations include changes to the special education contingency fund, modifications to the data set used to establish the formula, a revaluation of the weights for the cost categories, requiring the IFO to complete a cost survey of cost distribution, and changes to the formula itself, among others.

The approved report now goes to the full General Assembly for further discussion, and it is likely that the recommendations contained therein will be considered to be amended into law at some point next year.

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