Harrisburg Highlights Week of January 24, 2022


This week, both the Senate and the House were in session.  This was an important week, as both chambers came together to send much needed funding to our hospitals and healthcare centers and we approved a Congressional Map for redistricting purposes.   

As far as bills passing in Committee, an important bill for rural connectivity and employment came out of the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee, Senate Bill 962, which would create Rural Co-Working and Innovation Centers (RCICs).  The Environmental Resources and Energy Committee passed Senate Bill 945, which would allow for the sale of alternative energy credits, and House Bill 1843, which updates the Clean Streams Law.  

In terms of the Congressional Maps, House Bill 2146 was passed in both Chambers and sent to the Governor in order to meet our deadline.  The final map was one drawn by an average citizen, not politicians, with minor changes due to certain constitutional factors which it didn’t consider.  The map was subsequently vetoed by the Governor, which made it clear that his goal is to have the 5-2 Democratic Majority Supreme Court have final say on Congressional Redistricting.

Finally, House Bill 253, perhaps the most important bill of the week, was signed by the Governor yesterday.  This bill provides will over $200 million in funding for our hospitals and health systems as they continue to fight through the pandemic while enduring staffing and supply chain issues.

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