Mensch Visits Brandywine Heights High School to see $200,000 Technical Grant in use

Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) walked the halls of Brandywine Heights High School early Monday morning, where he was greeted by Superintendent Andrew Potteiger, his staff, and his students.

In 2020, Brandywine Heights High School was awarded $200,000 through a Technical Grant program. Through this program, the school was able to implement new equipment in their technical education classrooms. This new technology allows for students to expand their knowledge and work with real world material as they enter various internships and career opportunities.

This new equipment includes a Laser Engraver, 3D Printer, various Computer Software, and other devices such as computers for their ‘Virtual Academy’. This Virtual Academy gives students the opportunity to enroll and attend in courses that may not be offered at their school, while also attending their regular in classroom schedule.

The various computer software utilized in the classroom also suggests for a nontraditional way of learning. Giving students the advantage to do hands on projects such as architecting building structures while meeting certain code restrictions-as one does within the field- to even programming robotics.

“Through these applications one does not have to be traditional with their way of thinking rather the possibilities are endless,” said Mensch.

Brandywine Senior, Tyler Ott, explained how having these experiences and knowledge has opened many doors for him, helping him choose a career path and explore the field more in depth in pursuit of his undergrad degree. Come the fall, Ott will be attending Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA), where he will be majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering.  

Although these technologies are a great asset to the school district, Superintendent Potteiger explains it is teachers who act as catalyst in their students’ educational careers, “At Brandywine Heights Area School District our goal is to ensure our students are prepared with 21st century job skills as they transition from the high school environment to their next phase in life whether that be the workforce, post-secondary education, or the military. We want our students to be able to look back and be proud of the education they received in the School District and ensure that they are prepared for that challenge.”

To view other grant programs available, please visit the PA Department of Education.

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