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Budget Hearing Q&A: Budget Secretary

March 04, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with Budget Secretary Jen Swails I asked about impact of the Governor’s proposed transfers from the Race Horse Development Fund on employees in the industry and funding for higher education and enrollment in those schools.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association

March 04, 2020
I discussed the PA Joint Underwriting Association’s investments, reserve funds and rate competitiveness during a #PASenate #PAbudget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Conservation & Natural Resources

March 03, 2020
The deployment of the P25 State Radio System on DCNR land and removal of low-wall dams were part of my discussion with @DCNRnews officials at Tuesday’s #PASenate #PAbudget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Agriculture

March 02, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PAAgriculture, I discussed the impact of the proposed transfers from the Race Horse Development Fund and asked about efforts to address food insecurity.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Education

February 27, 2020
At today’s #PASenate #PABudget hearing on the @PADeptofHealth I asked why it has taken so long to address asbestos issues in schools that continue to pose a threat to students and how abatement can be done.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of Health

February 26, 2020
At today’s #PASenate #PABudget hearing I asked the @PAHealthDept Secretary about how medical marijuana-related profits are being taxed. I also raised concerns about the rise in the vaping industry.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Human Services

February 26, 2020
At the #PASenate #PAbudget hearing with @PAHumanServices, I told Secretary Teresa Miller that local human services providers inform me that contracted Managed Care Organizations are not responsive to problems, and more oversight it needed.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Aging

February 24, 2020
  During a #PASenate #PABudget hearing with the Department of Aging, I raised serious concerns about slow responses, delayed pay and other problems regarding the rollout of the Community HealthChoices program.   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Labor & Industry

February 24, 2020
  During a #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PALaborIndustry, I noted the benefits of the Strategic Early Warning Network in preventing job losses and requested an update on the Employment First program for disabled Pennsylvanians.   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of State

February 20, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PAStateDept, I asked about efforts to prevent human error in the election process, personal privacy and fraud prevention.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: State System of Higher Education

February 20, 2020
I asked about what has been done to implement recommendations made by a commission established to report on the long-term viability of the @StateSystem at a #PASenate #PABudget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Corrections/Probation & Parole

February 19, 2020
At the #PASenate #PAbudget hearing with @CorrectionsPA, I asked Secretary John Wetzel about safety & other issues facing the transition into SCI Phoenix, and the status of the old prison.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Drug & Alcohol Programs

February 18, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PADrugAlcohol, I asked about the potential impact on gambling addition programs by the Governor’s proposal to drain the Horse Racing Fund and the use of methadone in treatment programs.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Revenue/Lottery

February 18, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PARevenue and @PALottery, I questioned how the legalization and regulation of skills games would affect future Lottery sales. I also raised concerns about sales tax audits in the lodging industry.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Independent Fiscal Office

February 18, 2020
I think #dynamicmodeling could be a useful tool to assess future impacts on the PA budget and asked @Ind_Fisc_Office Director Matthew Knittel about its potential impact.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Independent Fiscal Office

February 18, 2020
As sponsor of legislation to bring Performance-Based Budgeting to PA, I was happy to hear it’s changing state budgeting behavior. I asked @Ind_Fisc_Office officials about the impact of PBB. #PASenate #PAbudget     [Read More]

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Senate Approves Mensch Bill Creating First-Time Homebuyers Savings Accounts

February 05, 2020
Legislation sponsored by Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) creating First-Time Homebuyers Savings Accounts in Pennsylvania was approved by the Senate today. Listen   [Read More]

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Senate to Review Governor’s Proposed State Budget

February 04, 2020
Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) said the Senate will carefully review the $36.1 billion state General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 unveiled by Governor Tom Wolf today before a joint session of the General Assembly.   [Read More]

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To release a report entitled: “A Study of the Impact of Venue for Medical Professional Liability Actions – Senate Resolution 20”

January 31, 2020
Legislative Budget and Finance Committee | February 3, 2020 | 11:30 a.m. | North Office Building, Hearing Room #1 |     [Read More]

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Senator Mensch Welcomes Schadler Family from Montgomery County to the Capitol

January 29, 2020
On Wednesday, Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) was pleased to welcome the Schadler family, from Montgomery County, to the Capitol.   [Read More]