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In this Edition:

  • Mensch Report: Stauffer Glove and Safety
  • First Step Seminar: Starting a Business
  • Look for PA Preferred Milk
  • Tree of Heaven Not So Heavenly for PA
  • PA Boating Safety Course Requirements Include Personal Watercraft Operation
  • Use PA One Call to Prevent an Emergency Call
  • Join the 2018 Great American Cleanup of PA

Senator Mensch congratulated Crysta O’Donnell from Palisades High School on winning second place in the “Talk To Your State Senator” video competition. Crysta will receive a $1,500 award which will be deposited into a TAP 529 college savings account in her name.

Senator Mensch congratulated Michael Sexton on obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Senator Mensch appreciated the opportunity to meet with Gary Margulis to discuss nurse to patient ratios.

Mensch Report: Stauffer Glove and Safety

June 2018: Stauffer Manufacturing Company

This edition of the Mensch Report features my tour and interview at Stauffer Glove and Safety in Red Hill, Pennsylvania.  We toured the site with Vice President Jeff Stauffer on Manufacturing Day in 2017.

First Step Seminar: Starting a Business 

Lehigh University SBDC consultants will be presenting a program called the “First Step Seminar” which will review information on how to initiate a successful business. The event will be held in the Red Hill Borough Council Chambers located at 56 West Fourth Street, Floor 2, Red Hill, on October 19,  from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Specifically, the seminar will review:

  • Requirements for starting a business
  • How to obtain financing, identifying licenses and applications
  • The importance and function of a business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan

The event is free, however, pre-registration is required. 

Look for PA Preferred Milk

Pennsylvania dairy matters for good nutrition, better health and a strong economy. Our dairy farmers fuel all of this by providing an abundant supply of milk and by supporting our state’s economy to the tune of $14.7 billion annually and over 52,000 jobs.

The surest way to know your milk is 100% Pennsylvania is to look for the PA Preferred logo. If you can’t find the PA Preferred logo on milk in your grocery store dairy case, look for the plant code. Milk with a plant code beginning with “42” means the milk is processed in Pennsylvania and sourced predominately from Pennsylvania dairy farms.

Plant codes are usually printed near the top of the container or on the lid, sometimes they’re printed right on the label. The first, and most important, part of the code will always be two numbers (between 01 and 56 – this identifies the state where the milk was processed. Pennsylvania’s magic number is 42!

For more information, visit

Senator Mensch held a news conference with the PA Realtors to discuss his First Time Homebuyers Savings Account legislation. Since the 2009 financial crisis, the number of first-time homebuyers has decreased significantly. According to the National Association of Realtors®, the share of first-time homebuyers in the national home sale market has fallen from 45 percent to just 32 percent.

Tree of Heaven Not So Heavenly for PA

An aggressive battle is being waged across the Commonwealth just as the Spotted Lanternfly prepares to feast on the invasive plant species, Tree of Heaven, according to the PA Departments of Agriculture and of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The Tree of Heaven or Ailianthus Altissima, is the meal of choice for the Spotted Lanternfly.  Recommendations call for removal of 90 percent of the Trees of Heaven, leaving 10 percent of the trees on your property to prevent the Spotted Lanternfly from feasting on your other trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The Department of Agriculture recommendations also include tree banding, responsible to-date for killing 1,065,258 Spotted Lanternflies.  Report your findings to the PA Department of Agriculture at or 1-866-253-7189 to assist PA with efforts to eradicate the costly invasive pest.

Senator Mensch attended PerkUp’s ribbon cutting for the Upper Perkiomen Valley Wayfinding Project.

PA Boating Safety Course Requirements Include Personal Watercraft Operation

Personal watercraft operation in Pennsylvania requires the driver to successfully complete a PA Fish and Boat Commission-approved boating course and be 12 years of age or older to obtain a Boating Safety Education Certificate.  Individuals born after January 1, 1982 and intending to drive boats powered by engines greater than 25 hp are also required to take an approved boating safety course.

Two internet-based boating courses and one home-study, video-based course for distance learning are available through the PF&BC.  Check the schedule for a local course or call the toll free Boating Course Hotline at 888-PAFish1 (888-723-4741) for a convenient location.

Whether a novice or an Old Salt, the 2018 PA Boating Handbook is helpful to staying on top of boating regulations and safety information.  Consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions for a quick review.

Senator Mensch congratulated Connor Haire on obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Use PA One Call to Prevent an Emergency Call

One call to Pennsylvania’s 811 system can make the difference in preventing a call to the 911 emergency system, according to the PA Public Utility Commission.

Pennsylvania’s landscape safely conceals the important pipes and lines that deliver fresh water, electricity, phones, and internet into our homes and businesses.  More than 3,000 underground line hits have occurred over the last five years; an average of over eight line hits every day.

Small or large, protect your next project with a call to 811.  Be prepared to provide the details to include design, excavation, or demolition information.

Senator Mensch congratulated Matthew Hallissey on obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout this past weekend!

Join the 2018 Great American Cleanup of PA

The 2018 Great American Cleanup returns to Pennsylvania following a very successful 2017 campaign.  Find an event in your area or register your own to be eligible for free work gloves, safety vests, and trash bags, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Nearly 133,000 volunteers participated in 7,280 cleanup events, tackling more than 5.3 million pounds of trash.  Volunteers cleared over 11,000 miles of PA roads, shorelines, and trails, including nearly 21,000 tires.  Pennsylvanians also planted some 16,437 trees, shrubs and flowers.

Litter cleanup costs the U.S. more than an estimated $11.5 billion annually.  Municipalities’ annual cleanup costs exceed $790 million, while counties annually spend $185 million on litter collections each year.

Senator Mensch was pleased to welcome the North Penn Girls Swimming and Diving Team and their coaches to the State Capitol to celebrate their 2018 state championship title.

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