Prime Sponsored Legislation 2021-2022

Updated: July 1, 2021

Prime Sponsored Legislation

Bill Number
Description of Bill
SB93 Providing the ability for a voter to electronically cancel their permanent absentee voter status Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT, Feb. 10, 2021 [Senate]
SB156 Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities Act No. 69
SB157 First-time Homebuyers Savings Accounts Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, May 10, 2021 [Senate]
SB168 Forward-facing Employment Data Laid on the table (Pursuant to Senate Rule 9), June 8, 2021 [Senate]
SB190 Designated Essential Family Caregivers (EFCs) in Long-Term Care Facilities Referred to HEALTH, April 29, 2021 [House]
SB288 Expanding the 21st Century Manufacturing Innovation and Reinvestment Deduction Act Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, May 26, 2021 [Senate]
SB289 Insurance Coverage for Prosthetics Referred to BANKING AND INSURANCE, Feb. 26, 2021 [Senate]
SB435 Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act Removed from table, June 16, 2021 [Senate]
SB445 Breast Cancer Research Vehicle Registration & Driver’s License Check-Off Act No. 23
SB521 Specifically Criminalizing the act of “Upskirting” Referred to JUDICIARY, May 26, 2021 [House]
SB525 Growing Greener III Referred to ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY, June 17, 2021 [Senate]
SB528 Risk-Eliminating Election Audit Performed by the Auditor General Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT, April 14, 2021 [Senate]
SB720 Jobs Initiative Package Referred to FINANCE, May 28, 2021 [Senate]
SB721 Jobs Initiative Package Referred to FINANCE, May 28, 2021 [Senate]
SB722 Jobs Initiative Package Referred to FINANCE, May 28, 2021 [Senate]
SB723 Jobs Initiative Package Referred to FINANCE, May 28, 2021 [Senate]
SB731 Charitable Gift Annuities Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, June 21, 2021 [Senate]
SB749 Medical Marijuana and the Workplace Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, June 14, 2021 [Senate]
SB773 Deana’s Law (Repeat DUI Offender Reform Legislation) Referred to TRANSPORTATION, March 3, 2021 [Senate]

Senate Simple Resolutions

Resolution Number
Description of Resolution
Senate Resolution 139 Encouraging EPA to Provide More Stability in RIN Market Adopted, June 24, 2021 (47-3) [Senate]