Proof of all Legal Name Change, Date of Birth and/or Gender Designation Change

If your current legal name, date of birth, or gender designation is different from the information on your birth certificate or legal status document, you must show legal proof of the change. Please note: If you are using a passport as your proof of identity and your passport reflects your current name, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW PROOF OF NAME CHANGE.

If you have been married more than once, you need to show a marriage certificate that shows the transition between names. You do NOT need to show divorce paperwork UNLESS you returned to your maiden name.

For additional information on name changes, visit the Name Change Information page.

Acceptable documents supporting a change include:

  • Name change or date of birth change:
    • Certified certificate or divorce decree issued by your county’s family court
    • Court order approving a change of legal name or date of birth
    • Original or certified copy of an amended birth certificate showing a change of name
  • Gender designation:
    • A certified, amended birth certificate with a raised seal
    • A completed DL-32 form (PDF)