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PEMA Budget Hearing

April 1, 2015

Senator Mensch discusses the urgent need to update the funding mechanism for Pennsylvania’s county 911 centers.
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Mensch Introduces Bill to Adjust the Retailer Presumptive Minimum Cost of Cigarettes

March 31, 2015

Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) has introduced Senate Bill 691 to adjust the retailer presumptive minimum cost of cigarettes which is based off of a formula established more than 60 years ago.[...Read more]

Department of Banking and Securities Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015

Senator Mensch discusses the impact of federal Dodd-Frank banking regulations, bank stress tests in a slowing global economy, and the department’s efforts to inform citizens about financial scams.
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Department of Labor and Industry Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015

Senator Mensch discusses the need to expand the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN), promotes the concept of training workers “in place” to avert unemployment, and asked the department to see what can be done for sole proprietor businesses that pay into unemployment compensation but never collect.
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Department of Education Budget Hearing

March 30, 2015

Senator Mensch notes the proposed budget does nothing to address causes of skyrocketing education costs, pensions, and questions the constitutionality of the Governor’s proposed property tax reduction plan.
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