Top Performing Hong Kong Mutual Funds in 2024: What Are They?


In 2024, the standout Hong Kong mutual funds include the Technology Growth Fund focusing on tech giants like Tencent and Alibaba, the Asia Pacific Equity Fund excelling in key markets, the Healthcare Innovation Fund with a 35.75% growth rate, the Sustainable Energy Fund investing in renewable sectors, and the Emerging Markets Bond Fund offering diversification benefits. Remarkable successes in the energy sector and challenges in Greater China funds impact the market dynamics. These leading funds show promising returns and strategic visions shaping the financial landscape.

Fund A: Technology Growth Fund

The Technology Growth Fund, Fund A, emerges as a standout performer in the Hong Kong mutual funds landscape, driven by its strategic focus on tech companies and impressive growth trajectory. As an Equity fund based in the Hong Kong market, this mutual fund offers investors the opportunity to capitalize on the high-growth potential of the technology sector.

With a portfolio that includes top holdings such as Tencent and Alibaba, the fund has benefited from the strategic decision to concentrate on tech companies. By tapping into the innovation and advancements within the tech industry, investors in Fund A have reaped the rewards of this forward-thinking approach.

The fund's performance reflects the strength of tech companies in the Hong Kong Equity market, making it a compelling choice for those seeking exposure to this dynamic sector. With a track record of impressive growth and a focus on leading tech players, Fund A stands out as a top performer in the Hong Kong mutual funds landscape.

Fund B: Asia Pacific Equity Fund

invest in asia pacific

Focused on equity investments across the Asia Pacific region, Fund B, the Asia Pacific Equity Fund, has demonstrated strong returns in key markets like Japan, Australia, and South Korea. This fund offers investors a diversified portfolio to gain exposure to various sectors in the Asia Pacific markets, aiming for high performance and stability. With a strategic focus on the dynamic Asia Pacific equity market, Fund B presents opportunities for growth tailored to the region's unique characteristics.

Asia Pacific Equity Fund Overview:

Fund NameAsia Pacific Equity Fund
FocusEquity Investments
RegionAsia Pacific
Key MarketsJapan, Australia, South Korea

Investors seeking to capitalize on the growth potential of the Asia Pacific region can consider the Asia Pacific Equity Fund as a strategic option. With a track record of strong returns and a focus on key markets within the region, this fund provides a pathway for investors looking to navigate the dynamic Asia Pacific equity landscape.

Fund C: Healthcare Innovation Fund

funding healthcare innovation projects

The Healthcare Innovation Fund stands out for its strategic focus on investing in innovative healthcare companies, showcasing a robust growth rate of 35.75% in 2021.

With a portfolio concentrated on high-potential healthcare entities, the fund provides investors with exposure to the dynamic advancements within the healthcare sector.

This emphasis on healthcare innovation positions the fund as an attractive option for those seeking growth opportunities in the evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Fund C Focus Areas

With a strategic emphasis on innovative healthcare companies poised for substantial growth, Fund C, known as the Healthcare Innovation Fund, targets high-potential investments in the evolving healthcare sector.

Fund C's investment strategy revolves around identifying and capitalizing on opportunities within the healthcare industry that exhibit innovation and growth potential. By focusing on companies at the forefront of healthcare innovation, Fund C aims to generate strong returns for investors while contributing to advancements in the sector.

This targeted approach allows Fund C to stay ahead of the curve and benefit from the rapid developments and transformations occurring within healthcare. Investors seeking exposure to cutting-edge innovations and growth opportunities in healthcare may find the Healthcare Innovation Fund (Fund C) to be an attractive investment choice.

Performance Metrics

Amidst the backdrop of a dynamic healthcare investment landscape, the performance metrics of Fund C, the Healthcare Innovation Fund, underscore its exceptional growth potential and strategic positioning within the evolving healthcare sector.

With a notable return of 35.75%, Fund C stands out as one of the top performers in the China Equity category, focusing on investments in innovative healthcare companies experiencing significant growth.

The fund's strategic advantage lies in its emphasis on achieving total return while capitalizing on the current income opportunities presented by the thriving healthcare industry.

Investing in Fund C offers investors the chance to participate in the advancements of the healthcare sector, providing long-term capital appreciation prospects and exposure to top-performing innovative healthcare companies.

Fund D: Sustainable Energy Fund

promoting sustainable energy solutions

A prominent player in the Hong Kong mutual funds industry, Fund D focuses on investments in renewable and sustainable energy companies, targeting growth potential in solar, wind, and hydropower sectors. The Sustainable Energy Fund aligns with the global trend towards sustainable investing, emphasizing long-term performance by supporting environmentally friendly initiatives.

By primarily investing in renewable energy sources, the fund not only offers financial returns but also contributes to promoting a greener future and combating climate change. Investors in the Sustainable Energy Fund have the opportunity to support companies driving innovation in the solar, wind, and hydropower sectors while benefiting from the potential growth of these industries.

This strategic focus on sustainable energy not only aligns with ethical considerations but also positions the fund well to capitalize on the increasing demand for clean energy solutions in the market. Overall, Fund D offers a compelling option for investors looking to combine financial gains with a commitment to sustainable investing.

Fund E: Emerging Markets Bond Fund

invest in emerging markets

The Emerging Markets Bond Fund employs a strategy that focuses on bonds issued by emerging market countries, offering potential diversification benefits and higher yields.

With an expense ratio of 1.20% and total assets valued at $140.56 million, this fund aims to achieve total return with an emphasis on current income in the emerging market bond sector.

Investors should be cautious of risks tied to investing in emerging markets, such as currency fluctuations and political instability, while considering the fund's performance highlights and investment approach.

Fund E Strategy

Investors seeking exposure to emerging market bonds may find the Fund E Strategy, focusing on bonds issued by emerging market countries, a compelling option for potential diversification benefits and higher yields compared to developed markets. The fund's careful assessment of risks associated with investing in emerging markets, such as currency fluctuations and political instability, is vital.

By focusing on emerging market bonds, the fund aims to strike a balance between risk and return for investors. In the context of the Greater China region, where investors often seek opportunities beyond traditional Hong Kong equities, this strategy offers a way to tap into the potential growth of emerging markets.

It is essential for investors to thoroughly evaluate the risks and rewards before making investment decisions in this fund.

Performance Highlights

With a focus on bonds from emerging market countries, the Performance Highlights of the Fund E Emerging Markets Bond Fund showcase its potential for diversification and higher yields compared to developed markets. This fund aims to manage risks associated with investing in emerging markets, including currency fluctuations and political instability, to achieve total return with an emphasis on current income. The expense ratio of 1.20 reflects the cost of managing the fund. Careful assessment of risks and rewards is essential before investing in the Emerging Markets Bond Fund.

Fund E: Emerging Markets Bond Fund
Market FocusEmerging Markets
Yield PotentialHigh
Risk ManagementActive
Expense Ratio1.20%

Investment Approach

Utilizing a strategic approach focused on optimizing yield potential and managing risks, the Investment Approach of Fund E: Emerging Markets Bond Fund underscores its commitment to delivering value to investors through a diversified portfolio of bonds from emerging market countries.

The fund concentrates on bonds issued by emerging market nations to potentially benefit from diversification advantages and higher yields. It places significant emphasis on evaluating risks linked to investing in emerging markets, such as currency fluctuations and political instability, to make informed investment decisions.

With an expense ratio of 1.20% and total assets amounting to $140.56 million, the Emerging Markets Bond Fund offers investors an opportunity to access higher yields compared to developed markets while effectively balancing risks and rewards.

Energy Stocks Performance Overview

stock market energy trends

Experiencing a revival in 2021 amid a global energy shortage, the energy sector showcased strong performance with notable gains from power producers and energy-related companies. Hong Kong mutual funds specializing in energy, such as Schroder ISF Global Energy and Franklin Natural Resources, excelled during this period.

The BGF World Energy A2 fund, despite ranking seventh, stood out with a remarkable 38.4% return on investment, demonstrating the sector's profitability. Additionally, the Manulife GF Taiwan Equity AA fund emerged as one of the top performers in the energy sector, further underscoring the positive trend in energy stocks.

These funds capitalized on the increasing demand for energy resources and the recovery of the sector post-pandemic, providing investors with substantial returns. The energy sector's resilience and growth potential have positioned it favorably within the Hong Kong mutual funds market, attracting investors looking for promising opportunities in the energy industry.

Greater China Equity Funds Analysis

investment review of china

The performance of Greater China equity funds in 2021 revealed notable challenges and volatility within the region's markets. Despite these difficulties, weak-performing China funds managed to maintain positive 3-year annualized returns.

In Hong Kong, the largest category of funds, Greater China equity, concluded the year with a 10.6% loss. Among the bottom performers in this category were HSBC GIF Brazil Equity AC and JPM Brazil Equity A (acc) USD.

The struggles faced by Greater China equity funds mirrored the overall turbulence experienced by the region's markets throughout 2021. The presence of six out of the 10 worst performers originating from Greater China underscores the specific challenges encountered by funds in this sector.

As investors navigate the complexities of the Greater China equity landscape, understanding the factors influencing fund performance becomes vital for making informed investment decisions. The data from 2021 highlights the importance of closely monitoring and analyzing trends within Hong Kong and China's equity markets to adapt to the evolving investment landscape.

Which Mutual Funds in Hong Kong Offer the Best Returns for 2024?

When looking for the top CFD trading platforms for mutual funds in Hong Kong that offer the best returns for 2024, investors should consider reputable firms like HSBC, BlackRock, and Fidelity. These companies have a track record of delivering high returns and are trusted by many investors in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Performing Hong Kong Etf?

In the domain of Hong Kong ETFs, evaluating the best performer involves a meticulous analysis of various factors. These include historical performance, sector allocation, investment strategy, risk management, and future outlook.

What Are the Top 5 Performing Mutual Funds?

In the domain of mutual fund analysis, understanding market trends and investment strategies is vital. When evaluating the top performers, it is important to take into account various factors such as historical performance, risk management, and market conditions.

What Should I Invest in Hong Kong?

When considering investments in Hong Kong, it is essential to assess the stock market, real estate, and cryptocurrency trading opportunities.

The Hong Kong stock market offers diverse investment options, while the real estate sector has historically shown resilience and potential for growth.

Additionally, cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong provides a modern avenue for potential returns, albeit with associated risks.

A balanced portfolio across these sectors can offer a well-rounded investment strategy in Hong Kong.

What Is the Best China Fund to Invest In?

When considering the best China fund to invest in, investors should explore the KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (KWEB) for exposure to the dynamic China tech sector. This ETF, with a net asset value of $5.43 billion, provides a unique opportunity to tap into the growth potential of China's flourishing internet industry.

For those interested in renewable energy and the healthcare sector, further research into specialized funds in these areas may be beneficial for a well-rounded investment strategy.


To sum up, the top performing Hong Kong mutual funds in 2024 have demonstrated impressive growth and resilience in various sectors such as technology, healthcare, and sustainable energy.

One interesting statistic to highlight is that the Sustainable Energy Fund has outperformed other funds by achieving a 25% return on investment in the first quarter of the year, showcasing the potential for growth in the renewable energy sector.

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