7 Platforms for Trading US Stocks in Hong Kong


When trading US stocks from Hong Kong, you have several platforms at your disposal. Interactive Brokers offers access to 150 markets in 34 countries with features like fractional shares and reliable trading technology. Tiger Brokers stands out with no minimum deposit requirement and competitive trading fees. Charles Schwab provides access to various investment products and zero commission fees on US stock trades. Fidelity boasts over 70 years of financial experience and a wide range of investment options.

E*TRADE offers diverse research tools and flexible trading options, while TD Ameritrade has a reputation for reliability and innovation. Saxo Markets, with competitive fees and advanced trading platforms, is a cost-effective option for active traders. Explore these platforms for your US stock trading needs.

Interactive Brokers

When trading US stocks in Hong Kong, consider utilizing Interactive Brokers for access to a wide range of global markets and features such as fractional shares and the Stock Yield Enhancement Program.

Hong Kong residents looking to diversify their portfolios will find Interactive Brokers appealing due to its offering of 150 markets in 34 countries. The availability of fractional shares enables investors to own parts of high-priced stocks, enhancing portfolio diversification with smaller investments. Additionally, the Stock Yield Enhancement Program can be advantageous for traders in Hong Kong, potentially increasing returns on their investments.

Interactive Brokers not only provides access to global markets but also offers reliable trading technology and low margin rates for efficient trading. Hong Kong clients can benefit from earning interest on USD cash balances, further maximizing their potential returns. By choosing Interactive Brokers, traders in Hong Kong can enjoy a versatile platform that caters to their trading needs while also providing opportunities for growth and profitability.

Tiger Brokers

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When contemplating Tiger Brokers for trading US stocks in Hong Kong, it's crucial to analyze the account opening process and compare trading fees. Understanding the ease of setting up an account and the associated costs can greatly impact your overall trading experience with Tiger Brokers.

Evaluating these key points will help you make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategy.

Account Opening Process

Tiger Brokers streamlines the account opening process for trading US stocks in Hong Kong by offering a convenient and entirely online platform. Here's a breakdown of the account opening process with Tiger Brokers:

  1. Online Convenience: Easily open an account online without the hassle of paperwork.
  2. No Minimum Deposit: Start trading US stocks in Hong Kong without any minimum deposit requirement.
  3. Global Market Access: Trade securities globally with multiple currencies through Tiger Brokers.
  4. Flexible Trading Options: Choose between cash and margin accounts for trading flexibility.

With Tiger Brokers, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited T+0 trades for quick and efficient trading activities.

Trading Fees Comparison

Comparing trading fees on Tiger Brokers reveals competitive rates for US stocks starting at $0.01 per share and for Hong Kong stocks beginning at 0.06% of the trade value. Additionally, option trading fees are attractively priced at $0.01 per contract, with no exercise or assignment fees.

For traders considering margin loans, Tiger Brokers offers margin interest rates ranging from 3.99% to 5.99% for USD loans. The platform stands out for its transparent and low-cost fee structures, making it an appealing choice for those trading US and Hong Kong stocks.

Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned trader, Tiger Brokers provides a cost-effective solution with competitive pricing and clear fee guidelines.

Charles Schwab

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Charles Schwab, a renowned brokerage firm established in 1971 in the United States, offers a diverse array of investment products to cater to the needs of both novice and seasoned investors. Here's why Charles Schwab stands out for trading US stocks in Hong Kong:

  1. Investment Products: Charles Schwab provides a wide range of investment options including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and fixed income securities.
  2. International Trading: Investors in Hong Kong can easily access U.S. stock markets through Charles Schwab's global platform, facilitating international trading.
  3. Research Tools and Educational Resources: The platform offers robust research tools and educational resources to assist investors in making informed decisions.
  4. Mobile App and Zero Commission Fees: With a user-friendly mobile app for trading on the go and zero commission fees on U.S. stock trades, Charles Schwab is an attractive choice for beginner investors looking to enter the market without high costs.


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When considering brokerage firms for trading US stocks in Hong Kong, Fidelity emerges as a prominent choice with its extensive experience of over 70 years in the financial industry and a wide range of investment options.

Fidelity offers various investment choices such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds, catering to diverse investor preferences. The brokerage firm provides robust research tools, educational resources, and a user-friendly platform designed for seamless trading of US stocks.

Investors can benefit from Fidelity's advanced trading tools, real-time market data, and thorough analysis to make well-informed decisions. With competitive pricing and a strong reputation for excellent customer service, Fidelity stands out as a popular option for individuals looking to trade US stocks in Hong Kong.

The combination of experience, diverse investment options, user-friendly interface, and reliable customer support makes Fidelity a compelling choice for investors seeking to navigate the US stock market from Hong Kong.


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E*TRADE, a well-established online brokerage platform, offers investors access to the US stock markets through its user-friendly interface and extensive tools for trading stocks, options, and ETFs. Here's what you can expect from E*TRADE:

  1. Research and Educational Resources: E*TRADE provides investors with a range of research resources, including market analysis and company insights. Additionally, educational resources such as webinars and articles help users make informed decisions.
  2. Order Types: Investors can trade on E*TRADE using various order types such as market orders, limit orders, and stop orders, allowing for flexibility in executing trades.
  3. Charting Tools: The platform offers advanced charting tools that enable users to analyze stock performance, identify trends, and make strategic trading decisions based on technical analysis.
  4. User Customization: E*TRADE caters to both beginners and experienced traders by offering customizable features and real-time market data, ensuring a tailored trading experience for all users.

TD Ameritrade

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TD Ameritrade, a prominent US brokerage firm, offers investors in Hong Kong access to a diverse range of investment options and advanced trading tools through its user-friendly online platform. Investors in Hong Kong can tap into the US stock markets conveniently via TD Ameritrade's online trading platform.

The platform not only provides access to a wide array of investment options like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options but also offers competitive pricing, educational resources, and 24/7 customer support. TD Ameritrade stands out for its commitment to providing traders with essential trading tools and research resources to make informed investment decisions.

With a reputation for reliability and innovation, TD Ameritrade caters to the needs of investors in Hong Kong seeking to trade US stocks efficiently. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, TD Ameritrade's platform equips you with the necessary resources to navigate the US stock market effectively.

Saxo Markets

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Saxo Markets, distinguished for its extensive selection of over 40,000 instruments across global markets, including US stocks, stands out as a competitive option for traders seeking efficient and seamless stock trading experiences. Here's why Saxo Markets is a compelling choice for trading US stocks:

  1. Competitive Fees: Clients can trade US stocks with fees starting from $3, making it cost-effective for active traders.
  2. Advanced Trading Platforms: Saxo Markets provides sophisticated trading platforms that offer speed and reliability for executing trades efficiently.
  3. Research Tools and Market Analysis: Investors can benefit from Saxo's thorough research tools and market analysis to make well-informed decisions.
  4. Educational Resources and Investment Opportunities: With Saxo Markets, traders have access to educational resources and a diverse range of investment opportunities beyond US stocks, including ETFs, options, and bonds, allowing for a well-rounded investment portfolio.

What are the benefits of using a Hong Kong platform for trading US stocks?

When it comes to trading US stocks, using the best Hong Kong trading platforms can offer a range of benefits. These platforms provide access to international markets, offer competitive fees, and ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, they may offer advanced trading tools and research resources for investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Trade US Stocks in Hong Kong?

To trade US stocks in Hong Kong, you need to explore various options like international brokers or local firms. Understand fees, commissions, and account requirements beforehand.

Align your trading method with your financial goals and strategy. Opening a US broker account is another avenue to explore. Research well and choose the best approach suited to your needs for trading US stocks from Hong Kong.

Can US Citizens Buy Stocks in Hong Kong?

Yes, as a US citizen, you can buy stocks in Hong Kong through international or local brokers. Opening an account with a Hong Kong broker or a US broker with access to Hong Kong markets enables you to invest in Hong Kong stocks.

Understanding commission fees, account requirements, and trading options in Hong Kong is essential for US citizens looking to buy stocks and diversify their investment portfolio.

Hong Kong's financial market offers opportunities for global investments.

What Are the Two Stock Trading Platforms in Hk?

When looking for stock trading platforms in Hong Kong, two notable options are Tiger Brokers and Interactive Brokers.

Tiger Brokers offers access to a variety of securities, including US and Hong Kong stocks and ETFs.

On the other hand, Interactive Brokers provides global market access with competitive costs and advanced trading technology.

Both platforms are reputable choices for investors in Hong Kong interested in trading US stocks.

Is Robinhood Available in Hong Kong?

Robinhood isn't available in Hong Kong due to regulatory restrictions, limiting residents' access to its US stock trading platform. Investors in Hong Kong seeking to trade US stocks have alternative options like Interactive Brokers.

Robinhood's absence prompts exploration of other platforms for US stock trading. Hong Kong investors have several choices beyond Robinhood, making it essential to research and select a suitable platform to meet their trading needs.


To sum up, when it comes to trading US stocks in Hong Kong, you have a variety of platforms to choose from. Each platform offers its own unique features and benefits, catering to different trading styles and preferences.

Whether you prefer Interactive Brokers for its advanced tools, Tiger Brokers for its low fees, or Charles Schwab for its reputation, there's a platform out there that suits your needs.

Make an informed decision and start trading today.

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