Top 7 High-Yield Dividend Stocks in Hong Kong for 2024


For high-yield dividend stocks in Hong Kong in 2024, consider China Resources Land with improving debt ratios. Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical offers steady dividends and low payout ratios. China Mobile stands out for debt-free status and consistent dividend growth. Lion Rock Group boasts an 8.5% dividend yield and reliable income stream. Tsingtao Brewery's 4% yield attracts income-focused investors with a solid track record. Xingfa Aluminium Holdings provides an 8.39% yield and low debt levels for income seekers. Additionally, High-Dividend ETFs can offer diversified income options. These top choices combine financial strength and consistent payouts for potential investors.

China Resources Land (SEHK:1109)

China Resources Land (SEHK:1109) is a prominent real estate company in Hong Kong with a market capitalization of HK$171 billion. Over the past five years, the company has shown a notable trend of decreasing its debt-to-equity ratio from 95.7% to 82.1%. While the profit margins for China Resources Land have experienced a slight increase year-over-year, the company's net debt to equity ratio stands at 45.2%, indicating relatively high financial leverage.

Despite this leverage, China Resources Land has displayed growth in its dividend payments over the last decade, although these payments have been subject to volatility. Investors seeking high-yield dividend stocks may find China Resources Land attractive due to its market capitalization, decreasing debt-to-equity ratio, and the potential for consistent dividend payments.

However, the volatility in dividend payments should be carefully considered alongside the company's financial leverage when evaluating the overall investment opportunity in China Resources Land.

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical (SEHK:719)

pharmaceutical company in shandong

Having significantly reduced its debt to equity ratio over the past five years, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical (SEHK:719) stands as a compelling choice for investors seeking stable performers in the Hong Kong market. With a market capitalization of HK$9.63 billion, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical's sustainable dividends are supported by its low payout ratios. The company's modest dividend yield, although not in the top quartile among dividend payers in Hong Kong, is backed by stable profit growth, making it an attractive option for those prioritizing consistency.

Key Metrics Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical
Market Capitalization HK$9.63 billion
Debt to Equity Ratio Reduced over the past 5 years
Dividend Yield Modest compared to peers

China Mobile (SEHK:941)

chinese telecommunications giant stock

With a market capitalization exceeding HK$1.47 trillion, SEHK:941 presents an investment opportunity worth careful consideration for dividend-seeking investors in Hong Kong. China Mobile's characteristics make it a compelling option in the domain of high-yield dividend stocks:

  • Debt-Free Status: China Mobile has maintained a debt-free status over the past five years, ensuring financial stability and resilience.
  • Dividend Growth: Dividends from China Mobile have shown consistent growth over the last decade, indicating a commitment to rewarding shareholders.
  • Earnings Coverage: The company's earnings and cash flows adequately cover its dividend payouts, reflecting a sustainable dividend policy.

Despite having a dividend yield lower than the top quartile of Hong Kong dividend payers, China Mobile's robust market capitalization, debt-free status, dividend growth, and strong earnings coverage position it as a notable contender in the domain of high-yield dividend stocks in Hong Kong.

Lion Rock Group (SEHK:1127)

publicly listed on sehk

An established player in the domain of high-yield dividend stocks in Hong Kong for 2024, Lion Rock Group (SEHK:1127) showcases a dividend yield of 8.5%. Investors are attracted to Lion Rock Group for its reputation as one of the top high-yield dividend stocks in Hong Kong, offering a stable income stream through consistent payouts.

The company's 8.5% dividend yield makes it an appealing option for those seeking reliable returns in the Hong Kong market. Known for its track record of consistent dividend payments, Lion Rock Group has gained the trust of investors looking for a source of potentially lucrative income.

In a landscape where high-yield dividend stocks are highly sought after, Lion Rock Group stands out as a reliable choice for those prioritizing dividend income. As 2024 progresses, investors are likely to keep a close eye on the performance of Lion Rock Group as they seek to benefit from its attractive dividend yield.

Tsingtao Brewery (SEHK:168)

chinese beer brewing company

Tsingtao Brewery (SEHK:168) stands as a prominent brewery company in Hong Kong, offering investors a compelling dividend yield of 4%.

With a strong market presence, Tsingtao Brewery attracts income-seeking investors seeking stable returns.

The company boasts a solid track record of dividend payments, instilling confidence in its reliability as an investment option.

Tsingtao Brewery's commitment to quality products and sustainable growth strategies positions it as a key player in the competitive beverage industry.

Investors looking for a reliable investment in the Hong Kong market may find Tsingtao Brewery appealing due to its consistent dividend yield, market reputation, and focus on long-term sustainability. As a renowned brewery company, Tsingtao Brewery (SEHK:168) has demonstrated resilience and growth potential, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both income and stability in their investment portfolios.

Xingfa Aluminium Holdings (SEHK:98)

aluminium company on sehk

Xingfa Aluminium Holdings (SEHK:98) has emerged as a remarkable contender in the Hong Kong market, offering investors an impressive dividend yield of 8.39%. The company boasts a solid financial performance, showcasing a high return on equity of 18%. Xingfa Aluminium Holdings is recognized for its consistent dividend payments, making it an attractive option for income-seeking investors. With a strong balance sheet and low debt levels, the company is well-equipped to sustain its dividends over the long term. Investors looking for a stable income source in Hong Kong may find Xingfa Aluminium Holdings to be a compelling choice.

Key Metrics Xingfa Aluminium Holdings
Dividend Yield 8.39%
Return on Equity 18%
Consistent Payments Yes
Debt Levels Low
Market Presence Hong Kong

High-Dividend ETFs

investing in high dividend etfs

Investors seeking both income and diversification may find high-dividend ETFs to be a valuable addition to their portfolio. High-dividend ETFs offer potential income through exposure to a basket of stocks that provide regular dividend payments. These dividends can be utilized as income or reinvested to enhance growth potential.

Additionally, investing in high-dividend ETFs simplifies portfolio diversification by spreading risk across multiple companies within a single investment vehicle. When considering high-dividend ETFs in Hong Kong for 2024, it is essential to understand dividend tax rates to make informed investment decisions.

Are High-Yield Dividend Stocks More Profitable Than Regular Dividend Payout Stocks in Hong Kong?

When comparing high-yield dividend stocks to regular dividend payout stocks in Hong Kong, it’s essential to consider the potential profitability. While high-yield dividend stocks may offer more significant returns in the short term, regular dividend payout stocks can provide stability and steady income over time. Investors should carefully weigh their options before investing in top dividend payout stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hong Kong Stocks Give the Best Dividends?

When evaluating which Hong Kong stocks provide the best dividends, factors such as:

  • dividend growth
  • yield comparison
  • payout ratio
  • stock performance
  • dividend sustainability
  • market trends
  • investment strategies
  • return on investment
  • risk assessment
  • sector analysis

must be considered. By carefully analyzing these components, investors can make informed decisions based on their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Conducting thorough research and staying updated on market trends are essential for maximizing dividend returns and overall portfolio performance.

What Is the Highest Dividend Yield Stock?

The highest dividend yield stock in the Hong Kong market reflects a strong commitment to rewarding shareholders with substantial returns. Investors seeking income opportunities may find value in this stock due to its attractive yield percentage and consistent dividend growth.

Incorporating such high-yield stocks into an investment strategy can enhance portfolio diversification and potentially mitigate risks. Monitoring market trends, financial stability, and the economic outlook are essential for effective risk management in dividend-oriented investments.

What Are the Three Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever?

When considering three dividend stocks to buy and hold forever, it is essential to evaluate their growth potential, stability factor, and long-term outlook.

Conducting a thorough market analysis can help in crafting a robust investment strategy that includes risk assessment, financial performance comparison within the sector, and sustainability of dividends.

What Is the Highest Yielding Dividend King?

The highest yielding Dividend King in Hong Kong is known for its remarkable dividend payout, boasting a yield percentage that ranges between 11-19%. This stock's exceptional performance regarding dividends makes it an attractive choice for income-focused investors.

Its consistent dividend growth, strong income stream, and sustainable dividend make it a valuable addition to any dividend portfolio. Investors seeking reliable returns through dividend reinvestment should consider this top-ranking Dividend King.


To conclude, the top 7 high-yield dividend stocks in Hong Kong for 2024 offer investors promising opportunities for steady income generation. With companies like China Resources Land, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical, and China Mobile leading the pack, investors can diversify their portfolios and potentially benefit from strong dividend yields.

By carefully selecting high-dividend ETFs, investors can further enhance their income potential and build a robust investment strategy for the future. In this dynamic market landscape, these dividend stocks stand as pillars of stability and growth for savvy investors.

Sen. Bob Mensch
Sen. Bob Mensch
Bob Mensch is an experienced stock trader and financial analyst, specializing in the volatile and dynamic markets of Hong Kong and the United States. With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of technical analysis, Bob has honed his skills over years of navigating the ups and downs of the stock market. His expertise lies in algorithmic trading (algo trading), where he utilizes sophisticated algorithms to execute a high volume of trades at speeds impossible for human traders, maximizing efficiency and profit.

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