Senator Mensch Introduces Resolution Designating October 23-29 as “Pennsylvania German Heritage Week”


Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) introduced Senate Resolution 470 today which designates the week of October 23, 2016 through October 29, 2016, as “Pennsylvania German Heritage Week” in Pennsylvania.

Senator Mensch acknowledged that there are communities of Pennsylvania Germans living in many parts of the United States and Canada today and the largest settlement is in Pennsylvania, specifically in eastern Pennsylvania.

“The Pennsylvania Germans, also called Pennsylvania Deutsch, are descendants of early German immigrants to Pennsylvania,” said Mensch.  “The first major emigration of Germans to America resulted in the founding of the Borough of Germantown in northwest Philadelphia County on October 6, 1638.  The German population arrived in droves to escape religious persecution in Europe and seek a better life.”

Senator Mensch also discussed their change in dialects which eventually fused into a unique dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch.  At one time, more than one-third of Pennsylvania’s population spoke the language which had a tremendous impact on the local dialect of English.  Pennsylvania Germans have also contributed a large number of literature, art, architecture, written records, pottery, furniture and much more.

“Pennsylvania Germans have greatly contributed to the culture of this Commonwealth,” said Mensch.  “It is my hope that this resolution encourages the participation and observance of celebrating the contributions and history of the Pennsylvania Germans.”

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