Senator Mensch Meets with Chamber Members at The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

       Harrisburg – Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) visited The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia on Thursday, July 25 to meet with chamber members.

The morning began with a breakfast roundtable discussion with several business members who discussed variety of state-related matters including the growing life science sector in Philadelphia, support for our Tier One Research institutions, the need for transportation infrastructure funding and support for SEPTA, as well as rethinking post-secondary education in the Commonwealth, in particular the PASSHE system to ensure a well-trained workforce.

In addition, members expressed support for the Senator’s efforts to establish electric infrastructure around the state and address tax reform such as lowering the Corporate Net Income Tax. Broadly members discussed the importance of economic development and growing jobs in neighborhoods in Philadelphia, which has a poverty rate of 26%.

Following this discussion, Senator Mensch met with several Chamber Board Members and concluded the day by participating in an innovation tour with the assistance of Leonardo Helicopters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss a variety of business-related matters with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s members and I thank Chamber President and CEO Mr. Rob Wonderling for allowing me to visit,” said Mensch. “It is essential that we focus on enabling our state’s economic growth.  Pennsylvania has one of the most oppressive business tax structures in the nation and I have introduced several pieces of legislation that seek to improve our tax structure.  I will ensure that I incorporate today’s discussions in our future conversations and legislation on economic growth.”

Senator Mensch has introduced SB 576 which reduces the Personal Income Tax to 2.99%, SB 577 which lowers the Corporate Net Income tax rate, SB 578 which uncaps the Net Operating Loss Carryforward, and SB 579 which establishes a Career Development Credit program to credit a percentage of qualified employer costs for training employees and upgrading their skills against Pennsylvania corporate and income tax liability.  He is also co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Life Science Caucus which focuses on helping Pennsylvania become a leader in the life science industry.

For more information on Senator Mensch’s legislation, visit  State updates can also be found on Senator Mensch’s Facebook at, Twitter @SenatorMensch, or Instagram


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