Senate Passes Bill to Move Up Date of Future Presidential Primary Elections in PA

Harrisburg – Pennsylvanians could play a more prominent role in future Presidential primary elections under a bill approved Wednesday by the Senate, according to Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), who supported the bill.

In current practice, most Presidential primary elections are already decided before Pennsylvania voters have a chance to cast their ballots in late April.

Senate Bill 779 would move up the date of the primary in Presidential election years from the fourth Tuesday in April to the third Tuesday in March. This would allow voters in Pennsylvania to cast their ballots the same day as other influential states, including Arizona, Florida and Illinois.

“Pennsylvania is a large state with engaged voters and plenty of historical significance. It’s difficult to accept that we have to sit out presidential primaries as we’ve had to do for years,” said Mensch. “This is a straight-forward step to ensure our citizens have a say in the direction of this great country.”

The bill would not take effect until the 2024 election, and election dates would not change in non-Presidential years.

The bill would not break any rules set forth by the Democratic National Committee or the Republican National Committee.

Senate Bill 779 was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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