Senate Votes to Encourage Integration of Community Services in PA Schools

Harrisburg – The State Senate this week approved legislation to establish a pilot program to integrate community-based services into Pennsylvania schools, said Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), who co-sponsored the measure.

Senate Bill 850 would create the “Community Engaged Schools for Success” Pilot Program to encourage community partners to work with designated schools to provide student support services. 

The program would connect students and their families with community-based organizations that address academic and nonacademic barriers to learning and provide support and case management services.  It would include access to medical and mental health services, tutoring, food and clothing, career and higher education planning, and employment.

Eligible schools would include those with low test rankings and a high percentage of low-income students.  They would be eligible for grants of up to $125,000 from the Department of Education to appoint a manager and a coordinator to implement community engagement plans.

“We know that many students who are struggling in school are dealing with issues that go beyond math and reading scores,” said Mensch. “There is plenty of help available, but we need to do a better job of connecting students and their families with the help. This pilot program could be beneficial to students whose behavior is undermining their education and the education of other students.”  

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