Senator Mensch’s Harrisburg Highlights

Dear Friends,

Below are some important Harrisburg updates that may be helpful to you.

This week continued the recent trend of inclement weather, and also didn’t include a lot of action in Harrisburg. While there weren’t any voting session days in either Chamber, there was an important hearing held by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania as well as some Appropriations Hearings held in the House.

On Thursday, Senate Gene Yaw, who serves as the Chair for the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, held a hearing dealing with an immensely important topic in many areas of the Commonwealth – Rural Broadband. The hearing focused on Expanding Broadband Access in Rural Pennsylvania, and can be found in its entirety here.

Over in the House, the Appropriations Committee began the annual hearings that follow the Governor’s budget address, and there were some noteworthy factoids that came out of those hearings:

  • The Department of State will hide the Inspector General Report on the failure to publicize the Constitutional amendment dealing with victims of childhood sexual assault.
    • The Governor’s Administration has not committed to releasing the findings of an ongoing investigation into the department’s failure. The acting Secretary of State said the public will know the findings of the report, she stopped short of saying the whole report will be released.
  • The costs of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections continue to rise despite steep declines in inmate population.

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Senator Bob Mensch

24th Senatorial District